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 Fan fest!

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PostSubject: Fan fest!   Fan fest! Icon_minitimeSat Nov 17, 2007 9:08 am

check it out guys!

Dancer has a provoke ability, we're you imagining this as a possible main tank? Or as a replacement subjob for /WAR?
Gondai: the idea was not to make a main tank like a PLD or NIN, but to have the dancer support tanks with its abilities. The provoke ability is not obtained until level 20. It was more designed to be used in smaller parties (i.e. 3-4) where the one job can both heal and provoke. At higher levels, it may be used as a replacement for a WAR sub.
The movement towards smaller parties. Is that intentional? What are the reasons for it?
Gondai: One of the requests that we have been hearing is to alleviate the need to have 6 person parties. Thus, we will be continuing to implement aspects of the game that encourage and aid smaller parties.
What was done to ensure that the Scholar job does not displace WHM and/or BLM? What balancing was taken into account?
Gondai: The scholars cannot use the highest level spells of those jobs. They will have access to the mid-level spells of the WHM and BLM, but, when combined with the stratagems, the mid-level spells will increase in potency to approximate the high-level spells used by the WHM/BLM. However, these stratagems will have cool down that will only allow this ability once every 15 minutes or so. Past level 60 there are new exclusive high level DoT spells (the dev team calls them "Slip" spells).
In testing the Wings of the Goddess expansion, we noticed Orcs advancing towards San d'Oria - what was that about?
Ogawa: Probably one of the campaign battles called "allied campaigns." This battle can happen in 15 areas and will therefore be happening a lot. It was possible somewhere in the zone the oupost was controlled by San d'Orian knights, and you saw the beginnings of Orcs advancing towards that outpost. Each area will have beastmen strongholds, plus the beastmen can hold the nation areas.
Matsui: we are still adjusting the frequency of the battles.
Any hints about the WotG storyline that you can share?
Iwao: the Carnivorous Maws (pyreflies) will play a very large role in the story. There are also a lot of links with the original storyline and shadow lord, and many previously hidden parts of the story will be revealed as part of the WotG story. There is one NPC who plays a huge role in WotG - and they will reveal that NPCs identity later today.
Are there any plans on adjusting Pankration?
Ogawa: A lot! More to be announced tonight. There will be a lot of adjustments.
What's the deal with Almighty Akapallu?
All: They don't remember. The mobs are not given names until later in the process and they do not recall which mob this is or why it has not been found. They are going to have to go back and research the issue and provide some information somehow.
Is there any possibility of splitting the chat log, so that battle spam is on one side and chat logs are on the other?
Tanaka: No. The PS2 cannot support the split, and they want to keep the playing field fair across platforms.
Any possibility of allowing linkshells to be transferable so that whole linkshells do not need to be reformed if a leader quits the game?
Tanaka: There are no plans for this. In part the linkshells are cheap so that they can be formed easily. They would be worried about misuse where the leader could transfer the linkshell without permission to someone else who would not run the linkshell in the same manner.
Presentation B
7:30 - They're about to start the next presentation, followed by a dev panel. Stay tuned.
7:37 - here they go - Matsui and Gondai.
Job Adjustments!
Existing jobs will get new abilities and spells.
Adjustments will be from the start and be ongoing after WotG comes out.
They will be making further (implied downward) adjustments to the 2-handed changes.
Ability that creates a benefit to WAR for claims. Something like a MNK counter that also stores TP. Used to help pulling. Instead of creating a new tank job, trying to imporove existing tanks.
Concept for MNK is to reduce TP given. Possibly adding something to Kicks - either a weapon skill or a battle stance that slows (kick?) attack speed and increases potency.
White Mage
At the time of the new expansion - new spell called Repose - a sleep spell. Also effective with scholar sub. Also want to add more teleport spells.
Black Mage
Recognize that skill chains are not happening and then no bursts. They are looking at lowering the resistance rate of skill chains in order to promote magic bursts. Also additions to transportations.
Red Mage
Considering magic to allow RDM to move up to front lines.
New JA "Accomplice" - it will steal a PT enmity and transfer to himself. Used with perfect dodge or to help a mage in troble.
Considering a reflect spell to reflect damage from attacks blocked by shields.
Dark Knight
Design concept was attacker with magic. More dark magic specific spells for use in battle.
Several new things. 1. Amount of HP with wait will be Greatly increased. 2. New pet command - Snarl - jug pet only order a pet to take all master enmity. A provoke for pets. 3. New pet food to cure all status aliments and lowering recast on reward.
New songs and abilities. Command to select a single target for a song. Make bard busier by increasing numbr of casts.
New ability - Velocity Shot - ranged attacks will be faster and more powerful and mele will be less powerful.
Concept is profession able to build TP. Recent additions made SAM too powerful. There will be some adjustments. Additions may include ability to improve skillchains - such as making them faster or reducing resistance to skillchains.
Possible new ninjitsu with sneak effect. Possible new ability which temporarily reduces enmity and then restores it to previous amount.
Increase number of actions wyvern takes in battle.
New ability. Restore MP by elemental spirits. Ability may also be tied to days of the week and weather. There will be another annoucement on SMN later tonight.
Blue Mage
New monster spells.
New rolls for 2 new jobs. Add effect to quick draw where they can charge it like the scholars.
Considering new attachments and adjustments to existing ones. New automaton weapon skills.
Thats it for job adjustments.
Dev Panel
8:11 - It begins.
What is the Wings of the Goddess?
Takes place 20 years ago during Crystal War.
2 main things connecting to past. Cavernous Maw and a female cat-type new NPC (Caitsith).
A lot of attention has been paid to ensure consistency with all the lore provided over last 5 years.
The Allied Campaign
New large scale system.
Besieged had limited number of participants. This time focus is on allowing more people to participate and to ensure that each individual feels that their contribution is meaningful.
Content of this new system is massive. 4 main points.
The Allied Campaign - overall term for battle between allies and beastment:
1. Campaign Battles - Purpose is to drive beastmen out and control zones. Like besieged. Benefits of controlling areas are gaining XP and campaign points.
2. Campaign Ops - Missions offered by each nation. Availability depends on a number of factors. Like assault, but only player who signs up will spend credits. If you help you get benefits but don't spend credits. More Ops than assault missions. Some Ops can be completed solo, done in minutes, low level.
3. Headhunting - Several NPCs called freelancers. You headhunt them and get them to join your nation in battle. BST Maoi is one such freelancer. So it Maat. Some freelancers will fight alone and some will bring friends. Will "unlock" more backstory to these NPCs too.
4. Assessments - Give guidance to how their nation should approach battles and technilogical advancements. The opinions will tally once per week and will direct the path of the nations, thereby locking/unlocking certain OPs and battles.
This is about 1/2 of the new system.
Changes and Additions planned for future updates.
For Tuesday - effects everyone - with WotG or not.
New macro pallets. New gobbiebags. Mog house visits.
Pankration- you can get the time your battle will happen. New feral skills. New pets. New practice pit is possible in near future - a place for training and to allow people to check out their friend's pets.
New reward for adventuing recruitment system is being considered.
In-game seasonal events.
Sundi had to convince the dev team to introduce these seasonal events.
Rumors about a lottery. They are looking into gambling system and issues related to NM camping and killing NMs without getting the drops. So like in real world with a dream of winning the lottery - they will introduce a lottery. More than one winner - prizes could include battlefield orbs. Can't hold lottery too often since it would effect the economy. So it will be a rare but "huge event."
More support for player-led events. They gave GMs ability to place NPCs and items anywhere in vanadiel for such events. So for a LS event, players can contact a GM and ask for a mob to be placed somewhere. GMs can help with weddings, chocobo races, special bazaar NPCs, hide and seek games / treasure hunts, new mob costumes. Also plan to introduce next year a web-based calendar for user-led events.
Items for starlight celebration - new furniture - snowmen (already in dats).
How does Treasure Hunter effect drops in battlefieds, dynamis, chest contents.
No effect on chests.
Same effect in dynamis etc. as elsewhere.
For TH to be active THF must perform an action on the target. Does not have to be killing strike.
New summons?
There are plans to introduce new avatars. Beyond that, top secret.
Relationship between magic accuracy and magic skill?
The skills have a direct effect on accuracy. Also bonues for stats (INT, MND, CHR, etc.)
Character walks slow. Help!
Go to the past and join the army gives boots with movement speed +12.5%. Can also buy new boots with allied notes. Effect of boots cannot be combined with flee or mazurka, but can be combined with strider boots for +25%.
Can we have a cheese sandwhich recipie? (courtesy of Hempknight of Phoenix)
Yes. They will put one in next patch.
That's all folks.
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PostSubject: Re: Fan fest!   Fan fest! Icon_minitimeSun Nov 18, 2007 3:15 am

Hrm~ A fan fest geek
Sounds nifty, but...~
I only wonder what exactly happened to the shell.. I logged on a couple of days ago, and haven't seen hide nor hair of it... I should perhaps log on and ask someone for a new pearlie if there is one? What happened?
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PostSubject: Re: Fan fest!   Fan fest! Icon_minitimeSun Nov 18, 2007 2:56 pm

I havent been able to log on in a while so this is all news to me. Shocked
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Fan fest!
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